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BLS Cliniq is a worldwide network of Healthcare with a special expertise in Travel Healthcare, Vaccinations and Visa Medical services. We provide innovative healthcare solutions to individuals and groups, offering out expert guidance and support.

We are authorized by various governments and Embassies and certified by healthcare boards to perform medical examinations, provide medical fitness certificates to our clients, by educating them on the global health threats, prevention and management of diseases.


Travellers are faced with many health problems while travelling. They not only have to cope with new culture and practices but also with different food, water, climate and other environmental Hazards. Quite often the travellers immunity does not match the foreign environment and travellers face the risk of illness. At BLS CLINIQ we provide the help and support so that travellers can be well prepared to prevent unnecessary health risks.


These days an increased number of employers are realizing the importance of the ongoing health and wellness of their employees. At BLS CLINIQ we provide a wide range of corporate health management services to organizations. Our programs are designed to promote employee health, wellbeing and productivity. Programs may be customized based on the need of the individuals and client organization.


Today’s challenging health environment demands an experienced support of skilled caregivers that we can rely on to help us with our immediate and long term healthcare needs and improve the quality of our health. We provide quality general healthcare services including screening, examinations, laboratory and radiology tests, diagnosis and treatment to persons exhibiting any symptoms and signs of the required action.


BLS CLINIQ health centers are authorized to provide medical examinations for visa on behalf of the various Embassies and Missions. The examinations tests and vaccinations we provide conforms to the standards and conditions prescribed by the respective government entities. We help our clients by determining and providing the right type of medical examination required. Additional tests or examinations are also conducted depending on the requirements that are set.


With our expertise in delivering professional healthcare services, BLSCLINOQ is well positioned to offer tailor-made solutions to clients , who wish to travel for their medical care. We provide support and assistance throughout the client’s trip from offering advice on locations as per to requirements to scheduling appointments and making the necessary arrangements.


At BLS CLINIQ we offer our services to travellers who are intending to visit countries that require specific Vaccinations, where certain diseases have been identified as being prevalent. We protect our clients and those they may come in contact with and prevent chances of Illness.

Details of Covid-19 Test

Method : Real time Qualitative RT-PCR detection of COVID-19 RNA, RTPCR and Antibody(lgG + lgM)

Sample collection type : Throat swab + Nasal swab in VTM

Pre requisites

Doctor’s Prescription

Copy of Government ID Card with address proof

Processing Schedule: Daily

Sample transportation : 2-8°C

Sample stability : 2-8°C for 5 days and -70°C for > 5 days

Cut off time : Monday to Saturday - 10:00 AM, 02:00 PM

Cut off time : Sunday - 10:00 AM · TAT: 24 hours

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"BLS International Services Ltd." is headquartered in New Delhi, India and is a specialist service provider of Outsourcing for Visa, Passport, Consular, Attestation and Apostille Services to the Diplomatic Missions across the world.

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BLS International is a trusted partner with the Diplomatic Missions for administrative and non-judgmental tasks of outsourcing of Visas, Passports and Attestation Applications in India as well as abroad. It serves the Diplomatic Missions in 22 countries through its 101 offices, along with a few more on the anvil, and has proven abilities of offering outsourcing of Visa, Passport, Consular Services and Value Added Services for the benefit of its clients. BLS International processes in excess of 14.3 million applications annually. Its operations are presently located in Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Spain, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Republic of Korea, Philippines, Singapore, India, South Africa employing a staff of over 500 personnel with impeccable integrity; and a few more operations are in the pipeline.

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Contact Info


+63 9176114250 / +63 9473147185 (Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM)

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